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M3 Products Introduces Whisper Bit Gag and Whisper Bit D-Ring

Great Riders Choose the Whisper Bit!

Listen carefully to the revolutionary bit that has left many speechless. Don’t let the name fool you - this bit speaks volumes - loud and clear - and sets a new standard for training excellence. It’s a standard that you will recognize - and one that has already been proven - when Jared Leclair won the 2004 All American Quarter Horse Congress Intermediate Open Reining Futurity with one! Tim McQuay has won with the Whisper Bit in tough National Reining Horse Association competition and Charmayne James has earned big money in professional rodeo using this bit! Boyd Rice, multiple National Cutting Horse Association Champion, used the Whisper Bit in the 2008 NCHA Futurity Finals.

The Whisper Bit communicates clearly to the horse and allows guidance and correction without intimidation. It is forgiving - even when nerves and adrenalin can make hands move a little too fast. Cold hard metal will be merely an aftertaste in your horse’s mouth. In its place is the refreshing feel of a patented plastic formula specially developed for the Whisper Bit.

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